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The validity of divorce filings in other countries

42286944_S.jpgWith regard to divorce, couples in Jackson County may encounter a plethora of hurdles, such as disputes over alimony and child support. However, less common concerns may arise, such as a spouse deciding to file for a divorce from their spouse who lives in Missouri while they are in another country. Foreign divorce filings take place for various reasons, such as a spouse moving overseas for employment purposes, and it is crucial for both parties to understand whether or not the divorce is valid.

According to the U.S. Passports and International Travel's site, divorces that are granted overseas are typically considered valid in the U.S., so long as certain conditions are met. For example, both parties must have received notification of the divorce and provided an opportunity to appear in court. Since divorces are usually handled by state governments and not the federal government, those who question the validity of their divorce may want to contact the attorney general's office in their respective state.

More paying child support after restriction

10664284_S.jpgFor many people, child support is a heated issue that can have a significant impact on multiple lives. In Jackson County, and everywhere else in Missouri, unpaid child support can cause custodial parents and children to experience financial difficulties and may also lead to a host of problems for parents who do not make payments. For example, a parent who misses child support payments may not be able to travel outside of the country and could face harsh penalties, such as being taken into custody and forced to pay costly fines.

In Texas, the state reports that more than $160,000 in child support has been paid by over 540 parents after a recent restriction was put into place. The restriction gave the state the power to stop parents who fall behind on their child support for over 180 days from renewing their vehicle registration.

Preparing for divorce and child support

40699093_S.jpgIf you are planning on separating from your spouse, you may have a variety of divorce-related matters in front of you. For example, you could be wondering about the financial impact of divorce, such as how your marital property will be distributed. If you have children and expect to pay or receive child support, it is especially important for you to be ready for this aspect of divorce as well. At Stange Law Firm, we know how difficult and confusing these issues can be for parents in Jackson County, and all over the state of Missouri.

With regard to child support, it is vital to have an idea of what your obligations will be if you expect to make child support payments. Courts will take a variety of factors into consideration when determining how much you will owe, such as your income and how many kids you have. In some cases, you may experience changes concerning your financial situation, whether you are fired from your job or face a health condition that you never saw coming. Under these circumstances, modifying your child support order may help you stay current on your child support and prevent some of the consequences associated with failing to pay on time.

What are the consequences of failing to pay child support?

45106734_S.jpgUnderstanding the possible penalties associated with failure to pay child support may be helpful for you for various reasons. For example, if you are obligated to make child support payments, it is vital to avoid these penalties by paying on time. On the other hand, if you are supposed to receive child support, it may be a good idea to inform your child's other parent of the consequences that come with failure to pay child support in Jackson County, Missouri.

In Missouri, those who do not make child support payments may face a number of consequences that can upend their life. According to the Missouri General Assembly, criminal nonsupport becomes a felony when a parent misses 12 monthly child support payments. Parents who fall behind on child support payments may be taken into custody, sentenced to prison or have their wages garnished. Moreover, failure to satisfy child support obligations can result in an intercepted tax refund, financial penalties and the denial of passport applications.

Modifying your child support order

67084405_S.jpgWhether you are trying to figure out how to pay your bills because of a recent job loss or are suffering from a medical condition that you did not see coming, there are many reasons you may have recently found yourself in a difficult financial position. In these situations, making child support payments can be tough and at Stange Law Firm, we know how problematic this can be for parents in Jackson County, and all parts of Missouri.

Failing to fulfill your child support obligations could result in a number of harsh consequences. Aside from arrest and financial penalties, you may experience some other unexpected challenges. For example, you could be unable to get a passport or you may struggle with significant damage to your reputation. As a result, it is vital to do everything in your power to make child support payments on time.

Minimizing the impact of custody disputes on children

28402965_S.jpgAs a parent, you may have to work through a plethora of challenges outside of the legal system, such as having difficulty paying your child's medical expenses. However, legal issues such as a dispute over child custody can be particularly difficult and may also have a significant impact on your child as well. At Stange Law Firm, we know how vital it is to minimize potential problems associated with custody disputes in Jackson County, Missouri.

For children, custody disputes can be upsetting for a multitude of reasons. Aside from uncertainty and anxiety, children may be worried about losing their ability to spend time with a parent. Furthermore, if parents are incredibly stressed out because of a disagreement over child custody, it can affect their relationships with children. In addition to consoling your child and trying to help them work through the changes, taking the proper legal approach is pivotal.

Can I end my child support order?

42657544_S.jpgAs a non-custodial parent, you may have different concerns. For example, you may be struggling to visit your child or you could be dealing with a dispute involving his or her custodial parent. In Jackson County, and all parts of Missouri, child support issues can have a significant impact on you financially, emotionally and even legally. As a result, it is essential to handle any matters involving your child support order properly, whether you wish to modify the order or end it altogether.

According to the Missouri Courts, you can have your child support order abated under certain circumstances. For example, if a child who is obligated to submit his or her college transcripts fails to do so, the non-custodial parent may be able to stop paying child support. Also, you may be able to end your child support order if you take care of your child for over 30 days without the custodial parent having a single overnight visitation. Furthermore, child support orders may automatically end under certain circumstances, such as children turning 18, living on their own, passing away, joining the military or getting married.

Can back child support cause my tax refund to be intercepted?

58895258_S.jpgIf you are a non-custodial parent who is obligated to make child support payments, you may be facing different challenges. For example, you could have difficulty making your monthly payments on time because you recently lost your job or your hours were cut. If you live in Jackson County, or anywhere else in Missouri, it is important to understand how unpaid child support could affect your life in other ways, such as your ability to receive your federal tax refund.

According to the Missouri Department of Social Services, your tax refund can be intercepted if you owe back child support. However, certain criteria must be met and funds that are intercepted will be applied to delinquent child support payments that you owe the state or your child's custodial parent. Custodial parents are only able to receive money from intercepted tax refunds after the state has collected money it is owed.

Signing a prenuptial agreement in Missouri

If you are planning a wedding with your prospective spouse, you may be dealing with all sorts of issues related to marriage. However, prenuptial agreements can be very stressful and some people are concerned about the impact a prenup will have on their financial future, especially for those who have a high net worth. In Jackson County, and counties across the state of Missouri, it is important for you to carefully assess the ins and outs of prenups if you are in this position.

Signing a prenuptial agreement can be a smart decision that benefits both parties. That said, every situation is unique. You should understand the different ways that a prenup can protect your property and what will happen to your assets or your spouse's assets if you divorce or one party passes away. When it comes to prenups, people cannot be coerced into signing and each party's debts, earnings and assets must be listed.

A closer look at supervised visitation

64839260_S.jpgWhen a parent's criminal record shows certain offenses involving children, courts will not grant them unsupervised visitation with a child, according to the Missouri General Assembly. However, in Jackson County, and the rest of the state, parents in the position are sometimes able to spend time with their children through supervised visitation.

When it comes to supervised visitation, there are many factors to consider. Some parents wish to retain a healthy relationship with their children, while other parents are concerned about protecting children from domestic violence. Even when courts come to the conclusion that domestic violence took place, children may still have the ability to spend time with abusers if courts find that such visits serve the best interests of the children.

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